We have often heard the adage “Age like wine- elegant and graceful”; however, seeing the gray strands on your head can completely freak you out. But worry not, there are umpteen options to cover the gray areas and give you a ravishing hair appeal. All you need to do is choose an option that fits your hair needs and follow a routine to maintain them.

Identify the gray hair area- The foremost step for choosing coverage is to identify the percentage of greyness. This will help in exploring the right options for selecting colour techniques. 

  • Very few gray hairs– If very few strands are grey or in case the grey hairs are localized in one area only, one can choose simply colour hair dye that is closest to their natural hair colour. With touchups’ or localized colouring, the grays can be covered with ease. Care must be taken through to ensure that the rest of the hair and the application are the same.
  • Grays which are less than 50%- If your grays are fewer than 50% of your total hairs, you can go for highlights or lowlights to add dimension to your mane. Highlights are a good way to revamp your hair colour style, and it serves the dual purpose of covering grays as well as giving the hairs a stylish look. Opting for lighter shades can be perfect in such cases. 
  • Too many grays (More than 50%)-In this case, it is advisable to go for global colours since this option will help create a monotone look without causing any disparity in hues. Look for a colour palette that gel in well with your skin tone. 

Selecting colour –Black stands as a general choice for people looking for the best hair colour for natural hair. However, other colours can be tried. A good start would be to understand your skin tone- warm or cold and accordingly select an option. For warm undertones, colours of warmer shades of brown and blond such as rich caramel browns or golden blond, are ideal. For cool undertones, shades of icy brown or silver can be chosen. Shades of brown, red, auburn, and copper are flattering and a safe option for all skin tones. One can also try and match the colour of their eyes with that of the hair to get a more blended and complete look. The idea is to have hair colours that befit one’s personality.

Selecting method for application– Another factor while choosing to cover your gray hairs is the method of application you select. Home kits with do-it-yourself options are available, which are suitable if you are going for global colouring. In the case of highlights or lowlights, it is best to leave it to the professionals. 

Once the colouring is achieved, it is important to maintain your mane so that the colour lasts longer. Be careful while selecting the products as the gray hairs generally become coarser and wirier owing to the less secretion of oil from the scalp. Products that have nourishing oils in them can be a good choice as they help cover the hairs and make them healthy. 

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