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At Grace & Glamour, we believe in a beautiful you, inside out. Looking beautiful is just as important as feeling it and our mission is to achieve both, for our customers who entrust us with the task. We embark on a journey of shaping gorgeousness holistically, an inner experience manifesting stunning looks on the exterior and vice versa.

We are a team of professionals mentored and guided by the talented Priya Kalra, a renowned name in the beauty industry, our team believes in creating an exceptional environment of comfort and warmth for our clients and providing top quality services, ensuring that time spent with us is absolutely worth it.

We have an array of services to choose from such as make-up, hair care & hair artistry, hair colour & redefining, hair care treatment, body pampering, skin care, relaxation, nail art. While providing these regular care services we are also equipped with providing long term beauty solutions to our clients with Derma Grace, a WING OF Grace & Glamour, with the right consultants, professionals, machines and experts who come from years of experience, we can assure you that a beautiful look you’ve always wanted can be yours forever.

We are housed in 11 locations across Gurugram, find us at a nearby location and come experience the world of Grace & Glamour.

Priya Kalra brings with her 26+ years of experience in the makeup and beauty industry as a professionally trained Cosmetologist and Makeup Artist, her deep knowledge along with her creative outlook works efficiently in creating a stunning redefined look, transforming appearance with expertise, awareness and unmatched skills. She uses a unique introspective approach to dynamically understand the client’s needs and devise a suitable yet appealing look. She actively believes with the advent of makeup and styling, when done correctly and effectively, they can truly enhance the natural features of an individual, giving a fresh confidence and an admirable persona altogether. She is loved for her strong perspective, creative vision, stunning sense of style, she is always devoted towards her work, and finds it personally uplifting to see a customer feel better and happier after they reform their look with the help of her expertise & experience.

“In the last twenty years of running this brand Grace and Glamour , her only focus as the creative head has been to look beyond just the external services for our clients and give them customised long term solutions which will shape their overall image and confidence. She wants all her clients to FEEL HAPPY INSIDE OUT.”



Thank you for staying at home. Now it’s time to step out and let us take care of you. -50% off on your essential beauty services across all our 11 locations.


Words of Worth

Hi everyone, my name is Rachna, I live in Sector 15, Part-2, Gurgaon, I remember, first time, I visited Grace & Glamour Parlor was sometime in year 2001, due to proximity to my home & convenient location on Jharsa Road, Gurgaon. That very first experience, turned out into very long-lasting relationship due to their very familiar, cozy ambience of Parlor & very cordial staff. The products used by them are of highest standard like Loreal, Lotus, Ozone, & similar brands. Staff is well trained professionally, Quality of services provided by them is always up to the mark & satisfies clients. Hygiene is always on very high priority & cost is affordable. I am still their regular customers, I wish them all the best for success.

by Rachna Minhas

| absolutely love the vibe at Grace and Glamour....This place provides full range of hair and beauty services with excellent quality. Let me just say that the entire process from start to finish is exemplary. The ambience of the salon reflects the passion and warmth of Priya Mam. Their personalised services ensure client's satisfaction . | tried right from straightening to colouring and makeup without fearing the damage of hair and skin. Their intense knowledge and experience in the field is reflected in the outcomes. Everyone needs to be pampered and this the best place to be .I feel every penny spent here is completely worth it.  

by Shalini Aggarwal

This Salon is indeed an epitomy of grace, style and glamour with highly professional staff who have a mastery in their skills. They have provided me the services for hair smoothening, hair colour, hair botox , skin laser treatment, skin cleansing treatment and I am extremely happy and satisfied with the good results. The staff is humble, welcoming and guide you in just the perfect way and the salon is well-maintained, hygenic and has a positive vibe. Priya Ma'am has managed it extremelly well. Grace & Glamour has always got a new smile and style in me after very visit. Thank you for providing us with rejuvinated experiences every time !    

by Anushriya Jawa

What's sets this place apart is that in times of fading customer service you are completely pampered not only with highly expert services but extremely courteous staff. Really loved the professionalism, expertise and vibe of all the people present there. The overall ambience coupled with the precision of staff along with the right dosage of friendliness is what made your visit a truly memorable one . Highly recommend this place ! One thing is for sure I m client for life. Way to go Grace & Glamour ..

by Gurleen Mehta

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