There is an adage, “The journey to success is more important than success.” This holds true for your wedding too. Your wedding journey can become more exhilarating with pre-bridal sessions. Infused with a freshness of breath, the sessions are designed to give your skin and body a deep, cleansed, ravishing appeal that attracts all eyeballs. With a mesmerizing look, you are bound to look like the gorgeous diva that you had been picturing for all your life. 

But what exactly do the pre-bridal sessions include? So, basically, a range of steps juxtaposed together can be termed as the pre-bridal sessions. The idea is to cover all your body parts, including face, hands, leg, hair, and body. And since the process might take a little bit of time, which can be covered in two or three sittings, the terminology sessions are added to it. Many salons today offer pre-bridal makeup packages, which include pre-bridal sessions in addition to bridal makeup. While exploring bridal packages in VLCC, look for the price and the list of services they offer to ensure that you are getting a holistic treatment. 

The basic pre-bridal sessions guide: 

Before plunging into any package, it is important to know about what all is included in basic pre-bridal sessions: 

  • Threading– Well-defined eyebrows instantly give a clean look. Threading is important as it highlights your eye area. Generally, upper lips are also covered in threading, and some also opt for hair removal of the forehead or chin under this process. 
  • Facial– Your face is the ultimate canvass of your beauty. Getting a facial akin to your skin type is highly important as it helps in blood circulation and cleansing the skin from deep within for the natural glow. Choose a facial that suits your skin type for the desired results. 
  • Waxing- Unwanted hair on legs and hands is a definite no-no. Hence, your pre-bridal regime should include waxing. Go for normal or aloe vera wax if you have dry skin or opt for chocolate wax if your skin is oily. 
  • Manicure– Your hands will be of great use during all the wedding procession. Hence, having manicured nails can do wonders for your hands. Options range from basic French manicures to more advanced options such as gel or acrylic manicures which are quite in vogue these days. 
  • Pedicure– You certainly doesn’t want your legs to be left out while other parts of your body are receiving the pampered touch, and a pedicure would be the best option. 
  • Hair Spa– Hair is the crown of a lady, and hence, maintaining it is imperative. A hair spa can help you get rid of all kinds of fizziness and dryness, giving it a plump and voluminous appeal. You can also go for haircut or hair colouring in this session. 
  • Body Spa and body polish– Polishing your body can be the final step in your pre-bridal sessions. It ensures that every part of the body is properly cleansed and exfoliated, prepping you for your D-day. 

So, choose your pre-bridal package, which includes all the above-mentioned sessions, and enjoy your journey of enfolding beauty from within. 

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