bridal makeup in Gurgaon

If there is one thing a girl dreams about, it is her wedding day look. Radiant skin with flawless tone and well-defined features stands testimonial to a perfect look. And while everyone wants it, knowing how to get it can seem a little perplexing. In addition, the plethora of bridal makeup options such as HD or Airbrush techniques, along with their price list, can seem confusing. Knowing one that suits you could be a daunting task. Here is a little guide to help you figure out the best option for you.

HD Makeup– In a world where “High Definition” has revamped the entire outlook, HD Makeup seems to be the perfect fit. The silicone-based technique nicely covers all blemishes, acne, and pores with luxurious products, giving an ultimate flawless look,which the cameras will just love. The idea behind the makeup lies in the products, which help in reflecting light in a way that emancipates radiant, glowing skin. Though it takes a little time to imbibe, the finish of HD makeup is just amazing. Ideal for all skin types, HD makeup can be opted for by anyone, and with a full coverage scheme that the lens instantly falls in love with, it seems to be the befitting makeup style for your D-Day.

Airbrush Makeup-As the name suggests, airbrush makeup utilizes an air gun, where all the cosmetic products are added, and the gun is triggered for their application. A faster method than its counterparts, it requires very little blending and mixing, as the work is done in the gun itself. The technique helps in getting a quicker makeup with a matte finish. Though it doesn’t offer full coverage, a good makeup artist can manually touch up the blemishes and other concerned areas. Further, it is advisable for oily or normal to oily skin only since dry skin finds the technique leaving a cake-like finish which is just not desirable. Also, Airbrush makeup lasts for about twelve to twenty-four hours and suits one who is looking for a long-time makeup setting.

Which technique is useful for me?

So, if you are looking for something quick with a matte finish that lasts for a longer time, Airbrush can be your go-to makeup choice. Ensure that your skin is not dry, though. Further, if you have the time and are looking for full coverage, HD Makeup is your ideal option. However, we would suggest that keeping the bridal makeup price list in mind, it is better to get a trial makeup done beforehand so that you don’t get disappointed at the last minute. If you are looking for a professional makeup artist, choose grace and glamour. We offer top-notch services and are professionals who are highly trained in both techniques. In addition, we also offer bridal makeup packages akin to your choice for a complete rejuvenated look.  

The bridal day is memorable in every girl’s life and hence having a mesmerizing look is super important. Choose wisely your bridal makeup technique and flaunt a bridal look worth cherishing for a lifetime.

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