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Grooming oneself is essential, especially after the lockdown period. While rushing into the office is the main agenda in mind, there are things to keep in mind for getting ready for the office. And one of them is waxing. For achieving smooth skin, waxing is imperative, and it is further essential to get the correct type of wax that ensures that hair is removed while keeping your skin protected. Umpteen options are available in the market today, with salons offering variants of hair removal packagesThis might be perplexing for some, and hence we have listed here some of the main types of wax that are good and safe, which can be easily opted for depending on one’s skin type. 

  • Soft Wax– Typically applicable for more significant body parts like the hands and legs, the smooth wax application is easy and effective. Here the cream is applied generously to the section with the help of a roller or spatula, and then strips are used for removing the wax in a quick motion. The wax targets the hair and the skin cells, and hence one can use them only once; else will damage the skin.
  • Hard Wax– Unlike soft wax, hard wax targets sensitive body areas like the upper lips and armpits. The application doesn’t require any other material as the wax itself hardens on the application. So, after cooling, the wax is removed in the direction opposite to that of the hair growth. One advantage of hard wax is that it is not very painful, and the application can be made as many times as required. This is because hard wax aims at only hair strands and not on the body’s skin cells.
  • Fruit Wax– Ideal for those who love nutrient-rich ingredients, the fruit wax offers a hair removal treatment which is simply amazing. Loaded with many fruits such as berries, plums, and more, the fruit wax leaves the skin supple after the complete removal of hair. Since it is a soft wax, it might be a little costly; however, the results are worth the price. 
  • Chocolate wax-Dip into the luxury of waxing with the chocolate wax options. Apart from offering a unique fragrance, chocolates are rich in antioxidants, glycerine, and other essential oils, which promise holistic protection to your body. In addition, chocolate also has anti-inflammatory properties that make it perfect for sensitive skins or skins prone to redness. If you want to pamper yourself and get that incredible appeal, chocolate wax is the sure-shot way. 
  • Sugar Wax- If you want to go natural, sugar wax is your way. As the name suggests, sugar wax is made up of sugar, honey, lemon, and lukewarm water, making an ideal concoction for the body. It helps to pull off the strands easily on application. But one thing that needs to be kept in mind is that the hair has to be a minimum of a quarter inch long to work properly. 

Waxing is the pamper that our skin requires periodically. Hence, get the sessions done and prepare with flaunting skin.

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