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Hair can make or mar one’s look easily. Different hairstyles levy different looks, completely revamping one’s style. And one of the hairstyles that are quite in vogue these days is the beach waves. The loose wavy tresses emancipate a messy yet elegant appeal that gels in well with any attire. The beach waves are ideal for almost all occasions. But getting those perfect beach waves can seem perplexing. Here is a curated list of options that one can try out:

  • Curling Iron-An undeniable choice, the curling irons can get you the waves with ease. Use a heat protection cream before using the iron. Then use the curling rod by taking larger sections of hair and curling them up slightly and not too tightly to get those loose curls akin to the beach waves. 
  • Straight iron- Yes, you can also use straight iron rods for getting the beach waves. Though they are generally used for getting straight hair, one can use this option for loose waves. What you need to do is to use the iron at half the length of your mane and gently carouse it till the end in a smooth and rolling fashion. You can get the look perfected from professionals like Grace & Glamour.
  • Naturally, without heat-If you are not a fan of heat, there are other ways by which you can style your tresses. All you need to do is to follow these steps:
  1. Braids- Comb your hair into loose braids, ensuring that the length of each braid is considerable to get those incredible waves. Secure it at the end with elastic. Ensure to keep the braids a little loose and not very tight. In the morning, open your hair and flaunt those waves.
  • Buns- Another option is to style your hair in a bun fashion just before going to sleep. Take large sections of hair and divide them into 4 or 6 parts. Then cross them over one another and bun it up. In the morning, open them you will get the waves without the application of heat.
  • Salt Spray- Ooze some salt spray on a section of the hair, especially in the lower half, and lightly mess them up. You get the same look as you would have after taking a tip in the sea. 
  • With perm- Getting wave-like style from perms is also easy. Use the perming format at large distances and do not perm them too much. Perm them to a level that you get the wavy structure quickly. 

Beach waves are genuinely a hairstyle that everyone loves. Using the processes as mentioned above, one can get them with ease. And if you are looking for a professional touch, Grace & Glamour are your trusted partners. We study your hair texture and, accordingly, provide products to get the look while protecting your hair. Additionally, we also offer hair straightening services. If you browse through hair straightening salon price, you will find ours to be pocket friendly. Style your hair the way you want and enjoy a daunting look. Wave up your hair and enjoy the summer in style.

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