Acne is an extremely common inflammatory skin condition. People get acne not just on the face but also on the back, chest, neck, upper arms, and shoulders. While a lot is known about this skin disorder, not everyone is aware of the true nature of acne, its long-lasting effects, and its causes. It is not because people are not interested to know but because a lot of incorrect information about acne is doing rounds. Here we will try to bust the most common myths about acne. Read on-

  1. Blood purifiers are an excellent way to treat acne and detox the skin. 

Acne results from excessive bacterial growth on the skin and also hormonal imbalance. It has nothing to do with the purity of blood.

  • People with constipation and other digestive disorders are prone to getting acne. 

Your constipation is not going to get you pimples unless and until you are over-stressed about it. Well, stress hormones might exacerbate your acne problem.

  • People with a lot of acne generally have a lot of heat in their body. 

Just because your body’s temperature rises due to maybe fever or exercise or an infection, you can’t get acne.

  • Acne is caused by eating oily food items.

It’s not oily food but food having a high glycaemic index that triggers acne. 

  • It’s only on your face that you can get acne. 

This is a myth as acne grows on your neck, back, and other areas of the upper body too. So, if you are looking to hide your acne with makeup, make sure you hire the best parlour in Gurugram for it. And ask them to address all the problematic areas of your skin, not just the face.

  • It’s only teenagers who get acne. 

This again is a myth because adults are equally prone to this condition. The reason why teenagers are more prone is that they are going through overwhelming hormonal changes.

  • Dirt and grime on the face can lead to acne.

This is not true. Yes, dirt and grime could make the existing acne on your skin grow larger, but this cannot in and of itself be the reason behind your skin getting acne.

  • Blackheads have nothing to do with acne. They are two entirely different things. 

Effectively, blackheads are a form of acne just as problematic as pimples are. Pimples, too, are a form of acne.

  • To have clear, acne-free skin, you should get facials done regularly.

This is incorrect information. Creams like those used in facials can increase the oil content in your skin, causing you to break out.

  1. Acne is a problem that resolves on its own. 

This again is a myth because when acne is left untreated, it worsens rather than getting better. So, if you have got an acne problem, then don’t wait for it to go away on its own. Seek the advice of a dermatologist or a beautician for relief. Yes, acne is a stubborn skin condition, but it can be treated with the right approach.

These are some of the most common myths about acne you probably hear on a day-to-day basis. But now that you know the truths hidings behind these myths, you will be able to handle this problem better.

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